VIDEO: Choosing the Right Assisted Living Facility for a Couple

No matter how close a couple is, their individual needs can be far apart when it comes to aging and the care they require. When searching for an assisted living facility for your elderly parents, it’s important to keep in mind the question “What do they as individuals love to do?”

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Maybe your dad is a social butterfly and enjoyed golfing, pool games or poker night with the guys. Most assisted living facilities offer different activities to keep residents busy and active. Check out the activities calendar to see if any of the activities would interest your elderly parent. Your mom may be on the quieter side and enjoys reading books, knitting or spending time by herself. Are there options available to keep up with her leisure activities? Evaluate the environment and atmosphere to see if it would be a good fit for them as a couple.

Keep in mind their care needs may change over time. What if one of them needs to receive more care as time goes on? What does it mean for the assisted living facility and how they provide care for them as a couple? With a little research and consideration, you can help your elderly parents decide what’s the right assisted living facility for them as a couple.
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