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November 26, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

3 Life Lessons Learned by Memory Care Caregivers

A dementia diagnosis can feel like the beginning of the end. If there’s one thing Courtney Reifel has learned in her four years working in a memory care community,....

November 19, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

5 Secrets Some Aging Parents Keep from Their Families

As your parents age, they will want both independence and support if they need it. But for many older adults, it’s hard to admit that they need help, especially if....

November 12, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

How to Discuss Driving Retirement with an Aging Parent

Worried your loved one is no longer safe behind the wheel? The last thing you should do is threaten to “take away the keys.”

November 5, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

6 Pros and Cons of Living with an Elderly Parent

More older adults are cohabitating with their adult children, but before you move in with an aging loved one, it’s important to consider both the advantages and....

September 24, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

23 Caregiver Tips for Encouraging Good Hygiene in Older Adults

Has your aging loved one stopped caring for their hygiene?

September 17, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

End-of-life Care: How Senior Living and Hospice Partner Together

There are a lot of misconceptions about hospice care. One of the biggest? That hospice is where you go when you’ve given up.
September 10, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

Is Cohabiting with an Aging Parent Right for Your Family?

Cohabitating with an aging parent is a big commitment and one that isn’t always the best answer for some families. But how do you approach this touchy subject without....
August 31, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

5 Tips for Living Life to the Fullest with Dementia

If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with dementia, you might be worried about how the disease and memory loss will affect quality of life.

August 13, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

5 Signs Your Aging Parent Is Avoiding Asking You for Help

We live in an individualistic society, where strength, self-reliance, assertiveness, and independence are considered good traits to have. So as older adults start to....