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October 9, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

6 Tips for Caregivers for a Parent Experiencing Weight Gain

Most people gain weight when they age. However, if your loved one is experiencing rapid or significant weight gain, it could not only be a sign of an underlying....

October 2, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

What Type of Caregiver Personality Are You?

Do you remember the day when you realized that you’re a caregiver?

September 18, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

6 Caregiver Hacks for Improving Your Loved One's Diet

What do you do when your mom can’t make it to the grocery store or your dad eats pizza for dinner for the third time in a week?

September 11, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

5 Common Signs of Poor Diet in Older Adults

It’s not always easy to spot a poor diet in an aging adult. Although there might be a sudden weight loss or gain, the warning signs of poor nutritional health are....

September 4, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

Creating Meaningful Interactions with a Loved One with Memory Loss

If you are caring for a loved one with dementia, memory loss will have an effect on your relationship. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have meaningful....

August 28, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

Infographic: 10 Nutrition Tips for Older Adults

Healthy eating is about more than just food. Giving your body the right nutrients feeds your body and your mind, especially as you age. However, getting older can....

August 21, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

Just in Case: Being Prepared for Emergencies with an Aging Loved One

Do you have a ‘what if’ plan should Mom fall at home and can’t reach the phone to call for help? Or what if Dad has a stroke and can’t communicate verbally when the....

August 14, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

How Dementia Affects the 5 Senses — and What You Can Do to Help

If you’re caring for a loved one with dementia, you’re probably expecting them to gradually lose their memory. However, did you know that people with dementia also....

August 7, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

Why Physical Activity Becomes Increasingly Difficult With Memory Loss

Are you worried about your mom who spends a majority of her days in her favorite chair? Does your dad have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning and now has....