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December 23, 2019    Highgate Senior Living

Do Little White Lies affect the Caregiving Relationship with a parent?

When your mom is convinced your husband is hers or your dad believes your son’s 25th birthday party is really for him, it can feel cruel to remind them that no, your husband died 10 years ago or....

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December 13, 2019    Highgate Senior Living

7 Tips When Caring for a Loved One with Memory Loss Over the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be merry and bright, full of joyful celebrations with family and friends. But if you’re caring for a loved one with memory loss, you know that the holidays can be....

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December 6, 2019    Highgate Senior Living

Have the Holidays Paused the Assisted Living Talk with a Parent?

The holiday season is in full swing, and everywhere you look, there’s a reminder to make the days merry and bright. But the thought of talking with a parent about moving to assisted living....

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November 1, 2019    Highgate Senior Living

How NOT to Act When Visiting Your Aging Parents Over the Holidays

Going home for the holidays used to be a chance to share family traditions with your children and reconnect with family and friends around the dinner table. But as your parents age, going home....

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October 25, 2019    Highgate Senior Living

6 Tips for Taking Care of a Parent from Far Away

Your dad fell and broke his hip. He spent a few weeks in rehab and is now finally heading home. But you live an hour away and aren’t sure how he'll do back on his own again. Should you offer to....

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October 18, 2019    Highgate Senior Living

5 Benefits of Companion Suites in Memory Care

Companion suites are a unique living option in many memory care communities. An alternative to private suites, companion suites can help seniors not only save money but also feel less isolated and....

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October 11, 2019    Highgate Senior Living

Sofia’s Story: Finding the Right Memory Care for Her Son-in-Law

Taking care of people is a trait that runs in Sofia’s family. After watching her mother operate a senior care home for many years, Sofia found her calling in pastoral ministry. She spent years....

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October 4, 2019    Highgate Senior Living

Eric’s Story

Anyone with a loved one with Alzheimer’s can tell you, the disease (or any other form of dementia) is an emotional journey. One that can last several years and one that is impossible to prepare....

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September 27, 2019    Highgate Senior Living

Should You Live with an Aging Parent?

Often, a parent needing more assistance as they age is a gradual change. It might start with picking up groceries for your mom on your way home from work or taking your dad to a doctor’s....

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September 25, 2019    Highgate Senior Living

3 Ways to Help an Aging Parent Live Their Best Life in Old Age

Be happy and healthy at an old age - that’s the goal. But, when a health crisis risks this, it’s not abnormal for an adult child to come running to the rescue - or so they think. Helping a parent....

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