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October 16, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

6 Tips for Making the Most of Your Virtual Assisted Living Tour

The need for seniors to live in a safe environment and to stay connected with the world around them doesn’t go away just because there’s a global pandemic. That’s why....

February 14, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

Infographic: What Level of Care Should You Be Researching?

As you get older, you might start to hear your doctor talk about senior living or your daughter mention the perks of community living. If thinking....

May 24, 2019    Highgate Senior Living

3 Important Conversations to Have With Your Aging Parent

Talking to your parents about aging and the lifestyle changes it brings can be hard. But talking to them amidst a crisis — such as hospitalization due to a fall or a car....

January 18, 2019    Highgate Senior Living

4 Ways to Help Your Loved One Adjust to Highgate Senior Living

Change is hard, and it only gets harder as you age.

November 9, 2018    Highgate Senior Living

How Long Will It Take to Move My Parents into Assisted Living?

Jeremy Glover has been working in the senior living industry for nearly a decade, and it’s not as simple as this, he admits, but there are basically two ways someone....

November 5, 2018    Highgate Senior Living

Infographic: Tell-tale Signs from Around the House that It Might Be Time for Mom and Dad to Move

Mom and Dad want to stay in the house. They raised their children there, made their life there, but independent living doesn’t last forever.

As your parents’ physical....

October 25, 2018    Highgate Senior Living

Infographic: 10 Top Superfoods for Senior Nutrition

No one needs to tell you that milk is better for you than sugar-sweetened drinks or that whole wheat bread and brown rice are better for you than white bread and rice.....

September 21, 2018    Highgate Senior Living

How Seniors Can Get Help Paying for Healthy Food

There’s this idea that healthy foods are expensive. But healthy doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. In fact, that idea is really a myth.

In a recent study, researchers....

September 11, 2018    Highgate Senior Living

3 Kitchen Safety Tips and Resources for Seniors

Your kitchen is a gathering place for friends and family — a place where memories are homemade and seasoned with love. It’s also one of the rooms in the house that sends....

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