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5 Ways to Decrease Falls and Improve Mobility in Older Adults

One thing that most older adults have in common: fear of falls. It’s a valid fear.

According to the National Council on Aging, every 11 seconds an older adult is treated in an emergency room for a fall. Every 19 minutes an older adult dies from a fall.

Fear of falls, however, leaves many older adults anxious and afraid to leave their homes. They unintentionally isolate themselves in the place...

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Understanding Sundowners Syndrome: Dementia after Sunset

Most of us look forward to the end of the day. It's time for family dinners, bedtime stories, a glass of wine with your spouse or a good book.

The end of the day for many elderly adults with dementia, and their caregivers brings anything but rest and relaxation. In late afternoon and into the night, some of those with dementia suffer a symptom called sundowners. They may get confused, sad,...

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5 Ways to Make Mom’s New Assisted Living Apartment Feel Like Home


Whether she’s excited, apprehensive or is having a tough time, your mom’s move to assisted living is a big one both physically and emotionally. Here are five ways to make her new apartment feel like home faster.

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5 Ways to Decrease Chronic Pain Besides Medication

Pain is our body's way of saying, "Something's wrong." A surface is hot, that knife just hit your finger, or you overdid it raking leaves yesterday. Once the body heals, the pain goes away.

But for many over the age of 65, the pain doesn’t just go away. It can last for months or even years. Older adults are particularly susceptible to having chronic pain.

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Couples Care at Highgate at Temecula Keeps Couples Together, Even When the Diagnosis is Dementia

When a change in his health meant not driving anymore, Fred began looking for an assisted living community for him, and his 84-year-old wife Penny, who has dementia.  “We started looking last summer. We were going to move into another community, but having my wife live with me in my apartment wasn’t allowed there.”

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Signs It's Time to Consider Memory Care for Your Loved One with Dementia

In-home care services and assisted living facilities help elderly adults who have trouble performing the activities of daily living. However, elderly adults with a dementia diagnosis who have memory problems often need specialized care.

Memory care units provide the extra attention and expertise that people with advanced symptoms of dementia require. But, how do you know when it’s time to move...

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Six Ways to Keep Seniors with Alzheimer’s Active and Engaged

One of the most common signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s is memory loss, and as the disease develops, there are further changes in memory, thinking and reasoning skills. Another common symptom is a person with Alzheimer’s may start to remove themselves from hobbies, social activities, work projects or sports. They may have trouble keeping up with a favorite sports team or remembering how to...

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6 Signs Caregiving for Someone with Dementia is Taking a Toll on You

Caregivers suffer from caregiver burnout more than you might think. Especially those caring for someone with a dementia-related diagnosis. Family caregivers who care for those with dementia put in significantly more caregiving hours than those who help loved ones without dementia. In fact, research published in the journal Health Affairs shows that family caregivers spend 100 hours or more a...

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INFOGRAPHIC: Dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's

Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Mild Cognitive impairment are terms you may have heard when it comes to memory loss and aging. While these conditions are somewhat related, they are all distinct in their own way.

Do you know the differences and similarities between these diseases? 

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Open-Concept Kitchen and Handcrafted, Made-to-Order Menu Options | Dining at Highgate at Temecula

On any given day, a visit to the dining room at Highgate at Temecula will leave you with smelling the aroma of chicken spinning on the rotisserie, fresh bread baking in the oven, or a flatbread pizza cooking to perfection in their signature brick oven. 

Dining isn’t just an essential part of life at Highgate Senior Living, but rather an experience in and of itself. It’s more than just a...

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