VIDEO: Moving to a Senior Living Community | Overcoming Resistance From Your Aging Parent

Most of the time when you talk with your aging dad about moving to a senior living community, you will be met with some resistance. He may be stubborn about leaving behind a home he built, or not ready to say goodbye to his neighborhood. But, it’s important to have the conversation early. Be honest with him and share your concerns. His response will likely be “no” and the process may take longer than you thought.

Overcome your dad’s resistance to moving by talking with him about the benefits and improving his quality of life. Here are a few benefits you can share with him:

  • Being with others who have the same interests, no longer feeling isolated.
  • Nutritious meals. Access to a dining program with nutritious meal options, no more eating boring frozen meals.
  • Overall better health and well-being. Having someone to help with grooming, dressing, bathing and medications, no more having multiple family members worry about your health.

With open and honest communication, you can help your dad find the right senior living community.

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