VIDEO: Planning and Budgeting for Assisted Living Costs

Choosing an assisted living community for your loved one that fits their budget – without compromising on the quality of care – can be challenging. Although, you may be surprised with how a little planning and budgeting for assisted living costs can help make the process easier. 

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The first step is to plan out what your budget will be. Look at all the different resources available to pay for assisted living, include the rising costs each year and what you can truly afford. Knowing what you can afford first will help you determine what communities to look at. When you’re considering a certain community, some questions to ask them are:

  • What are the annual increases in costs?
  • What are the costs associated with receiving additional care if the need arises?

Keep these questions in mind along with your own health needs. Do you anticipate any major health issues that you may have that will arise? Leave some wiggle room in your budget for the unexpected care costs of your own health, unforeseen health care costs and the rising costs of long-term care each year.

How to Pay for Assisted Living Costs