VIDEO: The Warning Signs of Dementia to Watch For │ Dementia Care

Has your aging loved one recently started forgetting to do simple daily tasks such as taking a shower every day, or forgetting to pay their bills? Maybe they ask you the same question repetitively and can’t remember your answer. You may ask yourself “Do they have dementia?” It may be difficult to tell whether your loved one is experiencing the early signs of dementia, or if it’s just a normal part of getting older. But, there are different signs you can look for.

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Here are some common warning signs of dementia to watch for in your aging parent:

  • Misplacing items frequently. Forgetting where they placed their keys multiple days in a row or where they placed the mail.
  • Forgetting to complete simple daily tasks. Not remembering to take a shower every day or do the dishes.
  • Finding moldy food in the fridge. Every time you check their fridge, there is expired food in there and they refuse to let you throw it away.
  • They may have times where they think someone broke into their home and stole something, when it was just a friend or family member visiting.

If you notice any of these warning signs in your loved one, don’t ignore them. Make an appointment with their doctor and ask them to do an assessment. It may be time for your loved one to move out of their home and receive additional care.

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