VIDEO: Making the Transition from Home to a Senior Living Community

Moving from a larger home to a smaller apartment in a new community be a difficult time. When elderly adults move away from their home into a senior living community, it’s important they bring a little piece of “home” with them. It may be the rocking chair that was passed down to them from their own parents or photos of their children and grandchildren. When deciding what to bring, think about what “home” feels like. Before elderly adults move into a senior living community, have them visit to get a feel of what it’s like. Eat lunch with the other residents or try an activity. 

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As a couple, elderly adults may have also been providing care for each other at home. Moving to a senior living community provides the opportunity for them to be spouses again, and receive care from a professional caregiving team. The transition of moving elderly adults from their home to senior living communities can be smooth with the proper plans and making them feel at “home.”

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