VIDEO: What are the Best Care Options for Couples? Different Questions to Ask


It can be a difficult time if both of your elderly parents need help receiving care, and yet their needs may require different levels of care. When you start looking at care options for your parents as a couple, it’s important to realize they can still stay together, but still have their individual needs met.

 Here are some questions to keep in mind when considering and researching different care options:

    • What’s their history as a couple?
    • How long have they been together as a couple?
    • How much does the couple want to be together?
    • Do they want to live together?
    • Are their care needs dramatically different?
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Keep them involved as much as possible in the decision process. Consider what their history is, what they want and keep them in a safe environment. After all, they’re still a couple and can be together while receiving the individual care they need.

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