VIDEO: When to Start Planning for Assisted Living

The thought of moving from your home to an assisted living community may feel far off. But, what if a serious illness or incident occurred where you suddenly needed to make that decision in a hurry? No one wants to make a big decision of where to move their loved one during a crisis. That’s why it’s important to start the planning process early in life – as early as the age of 50. The likelihood of people needing to use long-term care in the Untied States is high. Over 60% of people are going to need some sort of long-term care assistance during their lifetime.

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To get the planning process started, include a family member so you have someone with you who has your best interest in mind. Having an extra set of ears and eyes when you’re creating your plan will help you better understand why you’re making that certain decision. Although you may not need the plan for many years, you’ll be prepared when the time does come to move to an assisted living.

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