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November 26, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

Why Companion Suites Are Beneficial for Memory Care Residents

When your loved one moves into a memory care community, they’ll have the option of a private studio or a companion suite. Some families assume a studio will be the....

November 12, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

5 Tips for Caring for Someone with Memory Loss

If you’re caring for someone with dementia, you will soon realize that there are no rules.

October 29, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

3 Things Family Caregivers Should Know About Senior Nutrition

Eating well as you age isn’t just about maintaining a healthy weight. Good nutrition plays a huge role in a senior’s holistic health, helping them stay energized,....

October 8, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

Is Your Aging Parent Depressed? Here’s How Assisted Living Can Help

As your parent ages, they’ll experience many life changes. Many people, including some health care providers, mistakenly think that symptoms of depression are just a....

September 24, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

Highgate at Flagstaff’s Growing Groceries Program Helps Residents Thrive

Even before Highgate at Flagstaff opened its doors, Life Enhancement Coordinator Abbigaile Urioste was helping seniors thrive thanks to the assisted living and memory....
September 10, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

Highgate at Flagstaff Pet-friendly Concept Includes Pet Care Plans

Ron and Michele knew it was time to move into a senior living community, but they couldn’t bear the thought of parting with their pups. At Highgate at Flagstaff, a....

August 27, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

Meet Flagstaff’s Resident Care Coordinator Michelle Kissinger

Michelle Kissinger has always wanted to make a career of helping others. As Highgate at Flagstaff’s Resident Care Coordinator, it’s her job to create a holistic approach....

August 13, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

4 Things to Look for in a Memory Care Community

When you’re caring for a loved one with memory loss, it can feel devastating to watch your loved one change. Fortunately, there are memory care communities where your....

July 30, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

Moving a Parent to Assisted Living or Memory Care

Stress is a normal part of the moving process for anyone, so imagine what it is like moving an aging loved one into assisted living or memory care when they’ve lived....