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July 8, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

6 Questions to Ask Your Parents Before You Move in Together

Many families are drawn to the premise of helping their parents age at home by inviting them to move in or moving in with them, but have you considered the fact that....

July 1, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

Will Living with Aging Parents Damage Your Family Relationships?

The decision to live with aging parents is a serious one because it affects the relationships within a family as well as the physical and mental health of everyone....

June 24, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

The Power of Life Stories in Assisted Living and Memory Care

Each resident who comes to Highgate has their own life story that has shaped who they are and who they’re on their way to becoming. Our life stories aren’t just a....

June 17, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

4 Main Types of Activities for People Living with Dementia

You know your loved one living with dementia shouldn’t be sitting in the recliner all day long, but how do you develop daily routines and activities that are realistic....

June 10, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

9 Tips for Making Important Health Care Decisions with Aging Parents and Siblings

As your parents age, making health care decisions together can be both complex and emotional.

June 3, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

How Gender Affects Long-term Care Decisions

Although many older adults prefer to stay at home as long as possible, various studies have reported gender does influence this choice. Turns out moving Mom might be a....

May 27, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

How Gender Differences Play a Role in Health Care Decision-Making

Whether a brother and sister are working to identify care options for an aging parent, or two spouses are at odds with each other about what late retirement should look....

May 20, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

What Caregivers Need to Know About Blood Pressure Guidelines for Seniors

Blood pressure guidelines don’t change that often. They are only changed when new evidence suggests the old ones weren't accurate or relevant anymore.

May 13, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

How Age Plays a Role in Health Care Decision-Making

There are some decisions that you’ll make with your aging parent that are relatively easy: Chicken or fish for dinner? There are others that, for a variety of reasons,....