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May 6, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

6 Reasons We Love Our Highgate Nurses

Today is National Nurses Day and kicks off National Nurses Week, which is celebrated May 6–12 each year. Here at Highgate, we want to take the opportunity to recognize....

April 30, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

A Day in the Life at Highgate Senior Living

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about what life in an assisted living community is really like. Some older adults even dangerously delay moving to a senior....

April 22, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

5 Tips for Helping Our Parents Feel That They're Not a Burden

Nearly 50% of aging parents say they’re worried about being a burden to their children. So how do you help them to avoid that feeling — especially if you are finding....

April 8, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

5 Tips When You’re the Only Sibling Concerned About Cognitive Changes in an Aging Parent

As the only sibling who lives in the same town as your parents, you spend a lot of time with your mom — and you’ve started to notice some changes that are concerning you.

April 1, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

5 Caregiving Apps to Help You Take Care of Your Loved Ones

If you’re a family caregiver, you’re also probably a part-time pharmacist, chef, chauffeur, delivery driver, financial adviser, administrative assistant, and....

March 25, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

5 Lessons I Learned While Moving Mom to Memory Care

My brother recently called to remind me that by moving Mom to memory care, my siblings and I are helping to give Mom the care and lifestyle she deserves.
March 18, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

How We Talked to Our Mom About Moving to Memory Care at Highgate

My siblings and I knew it was time for Mom to move to memory care, but what we didn’t know was how to talk to her about it.
March 11, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

How I Addressed My Siblings' Objections to Moving Mom to Memory Care

When my mom called me terrified at 3 in the morning for the fifth time, I knew something had to change.
March 4, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

Why Your Aging Mom Might Be Feeling Anxious About Living at Home Alone

Does your mom have a pattern of calling multiple times during the night? Has she stopped running to the store or driving herself to doctor appointments?