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February 25, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

5 Common Medication-Related Problems and How to Avoid Them

How many medications does your loved one take every day? If they’re anything like the average older adult, it’s probably at least four, and nearly 40% of seniors take....

February 18, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

What's on Your Bookshelf? Books Highgate Residents Are Reading

Claire loves the classics, Milile’s favorite is romance novels, Diane prefers reading technology, Rosalie isn’t even a reader, yet they all gather twice a week for ....

February 4, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

How to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home, According to Residents

When Sally and her husband, Randy, moved into Highgate at Wenatchee, they brought TV trays. It made sense at the time: At home, they often ate while watching TV.

February 4, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

How to Get Involved in Your Loved One's Senior Living Community

One fear older adults have about moving to assisted living is that their family won’t visit. As a caregiver, you might even worry that your loved one won’t need you....

January 28, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

Digital Caregiving: Best Wearable Devices to Help Older Adults and Caregivers

Caring for elderly parents can be a challenge whether you have a full-time job and a busy lifestyle, are taking precautions due to COVID-19 to help seniors stay safe, or

January 21, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

7 Things I Learned While Moving My Dad into Assisted Living

You know the saying, “You don’t know until you know”? That’s how watching my dad age, stepping into the caregiver role, and figuring out his living situation felt.

January 14, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

3 Objections My Dad Had to Assisted Living and How I Handled Them

The writing was on the wall: Dad wasn’t going to be able to keep living at home alone, or things were going to get a lot worse.

January 7, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

Highgate Residents Look Back on 2021 and Share Their Resolutions for 2022

Although this past year brought many challenges and changes, there’s also much to celebrate.

December 24, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

7 Highgate Senior Living Activities That Are Resident Favorites

If you’ve never lived in a senior living community, it might be hard to picture what life is like there. You may be wondering, “Don’t residents just play a lot of cards....