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March 26, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

12 Sensory Activities for a Loved One with Memory Loss

Think about when you’re stressed or upset: What helps calm your mind and body?

March 19, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

How Changing Habits Changes Lives in Aging Adults

It’s normal to have a few unhealthy habits. But unhealthy habits like smoking or eating more processed foods than fruits and vegetables can affect you even more as....

March 12, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

How Intentional Focus on the 8 Dimensions of Wellness Can Improve the Lives of Seniors

We all know there’s value in living a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes being motivated to do so is the hardest part.

March 5, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

What You Need to Know About Depression and Falls in Older Adults

What do mental health and falls in older adults have in common? A lot more than you may think.

February 26, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

How to Increase Physical Activity in Aging Adults with Dementia

We all know that sitting for most of the day isn’t good for you. But if someone you love suffers from dementia, you might be struggling to find ways to get them....

February 19, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Think about when you feel the best. It’s not simply when you’re free of illness, right? That’s because wellness encompasses the whole human being — your mind, body,....

February 12, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

How to Talk to an Aging Parent About Hygiene

If you’ve noticed signs that your loved one isn’t taking as good care of themselves as they once did, you may be wondering how to bring it up without embarrassing....

February 5, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

8 Wellness Statistics About Healthy Aging That Will Shock You

Yes, improving your diet, staying active, and regularly going to the doctor can help you age well. But aging and wellness experts have some additional insight that....

January 27, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

Highgate Holds First Clinics for Long-Awaited COVID-19 Vaccine

We are proud to announce that here at Highgate we have started the first round of vaccine clinics at many of our communities.