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How to Work with Highgate Team Members to Ease the Transition to Assisted Living

Although the move from one’s home to a new home at Highgate Senior Living is a life-changing one, it does not have to be fraught with stress and anxiety. Just ask Shelia Smart and Rick Pinnell, two adult children who helped their aging parent make the move to a Highgate community.

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Infographic: Questions to Ask When Researching an Assisted Living Community

Type “assisted living” into your Google search bar, and about 1.8 billion results pop up in less than 1 second. Finding the right community for your loved one might feel a little like looking for a needle in a haystack — but it doesn’t have to.

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5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Assisted Living Tour

Finding the right assisted living community for an aging parent, spouse, or other loved one can be an overwhelming responsibility.

Most people begin the process online, searching lists of communities in their area. This is a great place to begin, says Mandy Ketcham, Community Relations Coordinator Highgate at Yakima.

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Checklist: Questions to Ask When Touring an Assisted Living Facility

You know the popular idiom, “If you've seen one, you've seen them all”? That could be said of a mall. A mall’s a mall, right?

When it comes to assisted living facilities, you can throw that expression out the window. If you’ve seen one assisted living facility, you’ve only seen one assisted living facility.

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Do This, Not That: 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for an Assisted Living Facility

There are a lot of reasons why seniors and their families decide it’s time to start the search for an assisted living facility. Maybe your mom has gradually become more isolated at home or your dad doesn’t enjoy cooking for one.

Regardless of the reason your family has begun the search for an assisted living community, moving a parent from the home they’ve lived in for years (or even decades)...

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3 Little-known Pitfalls and Concerns to Look for When Searching for the Right Assisted Living Facility

When you take a tour of an assisted living facility, it can be hard to know if that’s what it’s really like or if they’re just trying to sell you something. Sometimes you can tell from the minute you walk in.

“If your visit doesn’t begin with several questions about your family, your loved one, and the type of community you are looking for, be cautious that the community isn’t truly focused...

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5 Ways to Use Your Senses When Touring Assisted Living Facilities

Choosing the best assisted living facility for your loved one can seem like an overwhelming task. From figuring out the financials to researching facilities’ regulation violations, there are a lot of options to weigh and things to consider.

After you’ve done the heavy lifting of researching assisted living communities in your area, you probably have a pretty good idea of the various facilities...

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What To Do When Your Parents Need Assisted Living ASAP

If your family has put off looking for an assisted living facility for your aging loved ones, you’re not alone. Many families wait until they experience a crisis or an unplanned event that forces them to make last-minute care arrangements.

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3 Senior Living Options: Which One Does Your Loved One Need?

Most seniors intend to continue living in their current homes for the rest of their years, yet only 65 percent of seniors between the ages of 60 and 70 find it very easy to live independently, and among those aged 70 and older, only 43 percent find it very easy, according to an AARP survey.

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5 Traits the Best Assisted Living Facilities Share

There is no standard for assisted living facilities, which vary in size, appearance, cost, and services offered. Some residences provide only meals, basic housekeeping, and help with the activities of daily living. Others go beyond these services and offer transportation and certain health services.

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