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3 Reasons Memory Care at Highgate at Temecula is Different Than What You Might Expect

I’m worried my mom will feel abandoned.”  

“What if my dad is just going to be sitting in his room in front of the TV all day?”  

“My mom has dementia and my dad doesn’t, and I don’t want to split them up.” 

If you’re like most people, these are probably only a few of the reasons why you’re reluctant to consider memory care for a loved one — and they’re valid reasons. Not all memory care...

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3 Reasons Families Are Reluctant to Consider Memory Care for a Loved One with Dementia

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or any form of dementia is life-changing for both diagnosed individuals and those close to them.

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3 Challenges Temecula Family Caregivers Face When Caring for a Loved One with Dementia at Home

Family caregivers of people with dementia are often called the invisible second patients. Although frustration and stress are normal emotional responses to many of the difficulties of being a caregiver, many studies have found that caregivers for those with dementia have higher levels of burden than other caregivers.

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Grand Opening Showcases Unique Features, Programs and Amenities at Highgate at Temecula Assisted Living and Memory Care Community

Highgate Senior Living, offering assisted living and memory care, celebrated the grand opening of its newest community May 17th: Highgate at Temecula. Attendees who visited the Grand Opening couldn’t have asked for better weather. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the unique features and amenities of the community, but also were able to learn more about the unique programs offered...

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Passion and Purpose | Highgate at Temecula Creates Unique Life Enhancement Program for Residents

Highgate’s mission statement (Devoting ourselves to helping every resident live a life of purpose) isn’t just a philosophy, it’s a way of life. “The mission statement is what drew me here. It’s something I try and live by myself, even before working at Highgate.” Katrina Custodio, Life Enhancement Coordinator for Highgate at Temecula, joined the team at Highgate at Temecula in March of 2018.

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5 Reasons Highgate Residents Chose to Move to Highgate at Temecula

Choosing the right assisted living community can seem like a daunting task. Not only does the array of services and apartment styles vary widely, but the daily experiences and unique attributes of each community are different. If you are in the research phase of searching for a community for a loved one and Highgate at Temecula is on your radar, here are five reasons our residents think this...

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Couples Care at Highgate at Temecula Keeps Couples Together, Even When the Diagnosis is Dementia

When a change in his health meant not driving anymore, Fred began looking for an assisted living community for him, and his 84-year-old wife Penny, who has dementia.  “We started looking last summer. We were going to move into another community, but having my wife live with me in my apartment wasn’t allowed there.”

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Open-Concept Kitchen and Handcrafted, Made-to-Order Menu Options | Dining at Highgate at Temecula

On any given day, a visit to the dining room at Highgate at Temecula will leave you with smelling the aroma of chicken spinning on the rotisserie, fresh bread baking in the oven, or a flatbread pizza cooking to perfection in their signature brick oven. 

Dining isn’t just an essential part of life at Highgate Senior Living, but rather an experience in and of itself. It’s more than just a...

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Life After Loss Doesn’t Have to be Lonely – Highgate at Temecula Resident Feature Story

It’s true.  Chances are that if you were asked today if you’d prefer to live in a senior living community or stay in your own home that you’d choose the latter.

But, for those accustomed to an active lifestyle, a change in health or the loss of a spouse can leave older adults who live alone feeling isolated and lonely.

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25 Years of Memory Care Experience | Building Highgate at Temecula’s Unique Dementia and Memory Care Program

When it comes to caring for seniors with dementia and memory loss, the quality of care your loved one receives is only as good as the program the community offers.  While the Highgate at Temecula may be new to the Temecula community, the program at Highgate has been 25 years in the making. 

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