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May 6, 2022    Highgate Senior Living

6 Reasons We Love Our Highgate Nurses

Today is National Nurses Day and kicks off National Nurses Week, which is celebrated May 6–12 each year. Here at Highgate, we want to take the opportunity to recognize....

December 17, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

Feeling Old? Do This, Not That

Does your mom tell you that she can’t do what her physical therapist asks her to try? Or perhaps your dad feels too tired to go on a walk with the grandkids. Do you hear....

September 24, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

23 Caregiver Tips for Encouraging Good Hygiene in Older Adults

Has your aging loved one stopped caring for their hygiene?

April 23, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

7 Activities To ‘Stay Sharp’ in Older Age

If you’ve thought about what life will be like when you are older, chances are you’ve wondered if there are ways to keep your mind sharp.

April 16, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

Age Is But a Number

We are all aging and getting older, yet we all experience the aging process differently.

April 2, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

Aging Well: 9 Tips for a Healthier, Happier Life

If you care for an older parent or loved one, or are simply worried about their wellbeing, you might be wondering how to help them live a happier, healthier life.

March 19, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

How Changing Habits Changes Lives in Aging Adults

It’s normal to have a few unhealthy habits. But unhealthy habits like smoking or eating more processed foods than fruits and vegetables can affect you even more as you....

March 12, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

How Intentional Focus on the 8 Dimensions of Wellness Can Improve the Lives of Seniors

We all know there’s value in living a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes being motivated to do so is the hardest part.

February 12, 2021    Highgate Senior Living

How to Talk to an Aging Parent About Hygiene

If you’ve noticed signs that your loved one isn’t taking as good care of themselves as they once did, you may be wondering how to bring it up without embarrassing them.

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