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July 28, 2018    Highgate Senior Living

The Connection Between Emotional and Physical Well-being in Elderly Adults

It’s often overlooked.  The strong connection between how we feel emotionally, and the affect it can have on our physical health. And vice versa, the effect that....

May 4, 2018    Highgate Senior Living

Ways to Prevent Vision Loss as You Age

One of the realities of growing old is that your vision will likely change. In some cases, even the best diet and exercise regimen in the world won’t let you escape your....

November 8, 2017    Highgate Senior Living

What Is Holistic Health Care?

Holistic health care, also called holistic medicine or integrative medicine, is an approach to health management that focuses on the whole person — body, mind, spirit,....

October 18, 2016    Highgate Senior Living

Why Exercise in the Park is So Important

Our Highgate Senior Living communities reside in cities, so we anticipate concerns from both seniors and their families about getting outside. Is outdoor activity....

October 11, 2016    Highgate Senior Living

When Grief Becomes Depression

“Just as dying is an inevitable part of the cycle of life, bereavement is a necessary aspect of living,” says an article in Psychology Today.[1] However, depression is....

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