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Assisted Living in Temecula: Health-Related Benefits of an Engaging Activities Program

Looking for assisted living in Temecula? You'll find a wealth of engaging, activity options at Highgate’s newest assisted living, Highgate at Temecula. The resident-driven recreation program offers options that lead to healthier and happier lives. But don't just take our word for it.

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5 Unique Programs Offered by Highgate at Temecula Assisted Living

Is assisted living really just another kind of nursing home? Well, some of them. Not all assisted living communities are created with as much attention to detail in the programs they offer as the detail they have incorporated into the design of the building, itself. Developing an apartment complex that houses seniors isn’t the hard part. It’s creating the kind of environment that feels like...

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Assisted Living Costs: Questions to Ask When Visiting Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living costs are confusing. When a parent can no longer live at home, your goal is to find the best possible option – a place where they’ll be happy and engaged with life.

Figuring out how much it will cost can leave your head spinning. This post provides key questions to help you understand what it will cost at each facility you consider. And what will work best for you and your...

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What is Memory Care? Part III: Comparing Memory Care Communities

What is memory care? How does it compare to assisted living care or nursing home care? How do you find the right memory care for a loved one? These may be just a few of the many questions on your mind if the concept of memory care is new to you.

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Temecula, Ca. Memory Care Rooted in Unique Dementia Care Training Program

Did you know that a new Temecula, California memory care community is opening later this summer?  As an industry-leader in memory care programs, we are excited to offer our unique memory care program in Temecula to those living with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.   

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Memory Care Community in Temecula Offers Respite Stay Option

Memory care at Temecula offers caregivers what they need most: time away.  

Caregiving is stressful

"We know that 80% of caregiving of the elderly is done by family members," says Mary Palmer, RN/BSN, Senior Care Expert.  "We know that the stress level is very high and depression is very high.  We often see caregivers succumb to health issues before the person that they're caring for." 

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6 Things You Didn't Know About Assisted Living Facilities

For many, assisted living facilities as a care option for an aging parent may be a new concept.  Unfortunately, not knowing the benefits of an assisted living facility may mean that you search too late in the process.  Some overlook this valuable option, and when a crisis hits, are unable to pursue an assisted living facility.  If you’re just beginning your research, here are six things you...

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Questions to Ask When Visiting a Memory Care Facility


A memory care facility is a senior living community designed to meet the needs of seniors with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. Moving your loved one into a memory care facility is a big decision. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the various facilities and what they offer. The level of care, pricing structure, and even recreational activities differs from community to community.Bringing...

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What is Memory Care? Part II: 4 Key Questions to Ask When Looking for a Memory Care Facility

Making the decision to place your loved one in a memory care facility can be difficult, emotional, and overwhelming.

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Four Ways to Pay for Assisted Living Costs

Although assisted living costs can vary widely from community to community, it’s a big investment. “Can we afford it?” “How long will the money last?” What if the money runs out?” are all questions that may be on your mind. 

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