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August 1, 2017    Highgate Senior Living

Everyday Adventures in Highgate Assisted Living Facilities

Ziplining, hot air balloon rides, and a trip to Yellowstone National Park.  Likely not your first thoughts when you think of activities in an assisted living facility. ....

July 14, 2017    Highgate Senior Living

Highgate at Billings Memory Care Facility Improves Quality of Life for Memory Care Residents

Finding assisted living for a parent or loved one is an emotional experience in its self. It may have been an option you’ve avoided for fear that you won’t find a....

June 26, 2017    Highgate Senior Living

Dehydration, Depression and Diabetes: 3 Highgate Assisted Living Facilities Fit Tips

Proper nutrition can be difficult to accomplish as we age. Our taste buds, as well as our sense of smell change. Medications can cause upset stomach and appetite loss.....

February 8, 2016    Highgate Senior Living

Holistic Health and Healing at Highgate Senior Living

The basis of American medicine is diagnosis and treatment. The basis of holistic healing is prevention and cure. We at Highgate happen to believe in both traditional....

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