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Assisted Living Costs: Questions to Ask When Visiting Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living costs are confusing. When a parent can no longer live at home, your goal is to find the best possible option – a place where they’ll be happy and engaged with life.

Figuring out how much it will cost can leave your head spinning. This post provides key questions to help you understand what it will cost at each facility you consider. And what will work best for you and your...

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Four Ways to Pay for Assisted Living Costs

Although assisted living costs can vary widely from community to community, it’s a big investment. “Can we afford it?” “How long will the money last?” What if the money runs out?” are all questions that may be on your mind. 

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Seniors and Financial Decline

Finances can be an uncomfortable topic for even close-knit families to talk about. However, it’s almost always a part of the conversation when considering moving into a senior living community. While our community at Highgate Senior Living can be a solution to managing financial decline, it can still be awkward when you’re talking to a parent about the ability to continue managing his or her own...

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Financial Solutions for Transitioning into Senior Living

At Highgate, we're committed to helping our residents in any way we can. This always includes helping families find the best solution for both current care needs and anticipated future needs. In addition, it sometimes this means assisting families in finding the best ways to finance the move into Highgate.

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Financial Solutions for Veterans

Our commitment to helping our residents goes beyond providing a high quality of life and pleasant surroundings. It also embraces helping our residents afford their move into Highgate. For those who have served our country, we’re committed to helping them find the financial solutions their service entitles them to receive.

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Companion Suites - One Way to Reduce Memory Care Costs

We offer companion suites as an affordability solution in our Memory Care Cottage at Highgate. This is an alternative to private suites, which for many residents offers more than a way to reduce costs. You may want to consider companion suites for two important reasons.

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