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September 14, 2017    Highgate Senior Living

Comparing Assisted Living Costs to Home Care Costs

While cost is far from the only factor in the decision to move your loved one to a senior living community, it’s certainly an important one. So many caregivers are....

September 14, 2017    Highgate Senior Living

7 Ways to Get a Parent to Say “No” to an Assisted Living Facility

You think it’s time for dad to move into an assisted living facility. His health and mobility are declining, and you think a senior living community is better suited to....

September 14, 2017    Highgate Senior Living

5 Benefits of Pet-Friendly Assisted Living Facilities

Everyone knows pets can improve the quality of our lives. We forge lasting relationships with these sweet, loyal creatures, and just thinking of them can put smiles on....

September 9, 2017    Highgate Senior Living

Moving a Parent to a Memory Care Facility: Having “The Talk” with Siblings

Moving a parent with dementia to a memory care facility is easier said than done when challenging family dynamics throw a wrench in the decision-making process. Getting....

August 28, 2017    Highgate Senior Living

5 Tips for Talking to a Parent About Moving a Spouse to a Memory Care Facility

It is probably never going to feel like the right time to have “The Talk” about a memory care facility with a parent who is the caregiver of a spouse with dementia. Many....

August 28, 2017    Highgate Senior Living

Couples Care: Unique Programs for Couples Offered at Highgate’s Assisted Living Facilities

Couples can consider assisted living facilities for many different reasons.  Perhaps your dad has a dementia diagnosis and your mom is looking for a little additional....

August 25, 2017    Highgate Senior Living

Caring for Someone with Dementia? Here Are 4 Life-Changing Tips

A dementia diagnosis is devastating. It can be the longest goodbye you’ll ever experience. With a dementia diagnosis can come changes in behavior and personality. No....

August 25, 2017    Highgate Senior Living

Isolated and Alone: Can Moving to an Assisted Living Community Decrease Loneliness?

Imagine a world where learning of a friend or sibling’s passing has become expected news, rather than an unexpected shock. Or a world where driving now seems like an....

August 16, 2017    Highgate Senior Living

Alternatives to Medication for Treatment of Dementia Symptoms in Memory Care Facilities

Although most associate dementia with memory loss, other symptoms you might not be aware of include personality changes, anxiety, depression, paranoia, agitation and....