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April 24, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Highgate’s Purposeful Living Philosophy

When Angie Larrabee walked into Highgate Senior Living headquarters for her first day on the job in 2012, she knew she had found the right fit.

April 17, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

Slideshow: 8 Fun Crafts for Seniors to Do at Home

Crafting isn’t just about creating a scrapbook or making holiday decorations. Research shows that arts and crafts have numerous health and mental benefits for seniors.

April 10, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

Can Couples Live Together in Assisted Living?

Your dad is 78 and in relatively good shape. Your mom is a 74-year-old with moderate memory loss and diabetes. What happens when it becomes clear that your dad can’t....

April 3, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

7 Ways Families Can Stay Connected with Loved Ones in Senior Living

One of the most important things assisted living and memory care communities offer older adults is the opportunity to stay connected and engaged.

March 27, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

Infographic: How to Help Your Aging Parent Care for Their Pet

Is your mom having a hard time changing her cat’s litter box? Is your dad’s dog losing weight, or is the water bowl often empty when you arrive?

March 20, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

6 Tips from Family Caregivers for Making the Assisted Living Decision

There are lots of expert tips you can find about making senior living decisions for elderly parents, but sometimes, you just want to hear it from someone who has been....

March 13, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Highgate's Senior Nutrition Philosophy

A chef with over 20 years of experience at high-end restaurants around the world, Khalid Iraqui knows how to make nutritious and delicious food. As the Director of....

March 6, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

5 Senior Heart Health Tips for Your Aging Parent

You’ve heard that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., so every time you walk into your dad’s house and he is sitting in his recliner, eating a....

February 28, 2020    Highgate Senior Living

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Highgate’s Full Care for All Philosophy

When Mandy Ketcham walks into Highgate at Yakima, where she works as a Community Relations Coordinator, she’s not thinking about her to-do list. She’s greeting the....